The Ransom of Red Chief


Tickets: $8 (17 and under); $10 (18 and over)
Doors open 30 minutes before the performance.
Play length: ~90 min plus a 20 minute intermission
Tickets include a complimentary popcorn, dessert, and drink.

Based on O’Henry’s humorous classic about Bill and Sam who make the mistake of kidnapping a local child known as “Red.” Brought up by a skinflint uncle and mean housekeeper, Red gladly leaves with the two strangers. The kidnappers are delighted but it is their last moment of peace. Red—or Red Chief, as he prefers to be called—now has two full-time playmates and keeps them hopping. While Bill sets about collecting the ransom, Sam tries to entertain Red Chief. It’s tiring work and, finally, Sam’s patience exhausted, he makes the mistake of getting Red mad. Red Chief’s vengeance soon has Sam calling for help. Never were two hapless criminals so bitterly taken advantage of. Instead of a handsome ransom, they’re going to have to pay what little they have for the privilege of returning the so-called victim.