LCS Pay It Forward Fundraiser


We all want to thank our teachers for giving us the same great education we have come to expect during the pandemic. Please consider a donation to thank our school to replace all of the volunteer hours you were hoping to accumulate this year. All donations will go back to the teachers and faculty by way of needed classroom equipment and facility needs.

 Here are some donation suggestions:

$5 – because I would love to give a teacher a HUG
$10 – because I miss copying papers for my favorite teacher
$25 – because I wanted to be a part of Watch Dog’s
$40 – because I miss volunteering at morning forum reading
$50 – because I miss after school enrichment activities
$60 – because I was really looking forward to chaperoning my child’s field trips
$75 – because I wanted to help with the plays/concert’s
$100 – because I want to express my appreciation to the wonderful teachers & staff that are going above & beyond this year
$__ – because I want it to be the best school year ever